Looking at the blood of such a big beach at the foot, Jiangshan sniffed disdainfully and took out hi No one can understand why they can see this, but it does not hinder their inner shock and awe. I didn't expect that Manjusri was also killed in the original battle of Lingshan. He left his bo Qingshui laughed: "a woman is not an article, no one can make decisions to send people, do not know At that time, Fang lie would rather risk death, but also to survive the three major punishment, brea When Yan Zhuang got the news, Shi Na Chengqing, Li Guiren, an Shouzhong, and the high-level civil an Under the intense blood light, Li Hao even felt like a brilliant sun falling to the ground in front Yin Yang two Qi strangles everything. The stronger the cultivation is, the stronger the two Qi of yi However, it may be a trap, which can't be prevented in three on three, or five on five battles. For the blood demon clan, devouring the essence of the high-level blood demon, this itself is a shor It's true that many soldiers were shot by ghosts. Xiao Xiao Xiao was frightened by his vicious method, and his endless anger burst out in an instant, There are so many magical uses of the congenital immortal domain, which is also the reason why many Of course, the Duke of hosenmo would not have thought that he was actually a "available resource" in His easygoing and witty, so that he was quickly accepted by everyone, and quickly become the center "The realm of martial spirit must also be hidden for a while!" In the light and shadow array, there were shouts of killing. The friars in the nine days and ten reg However, the man's obstinacy eventually turned into love, and Jerome was unable to extricate him

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