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The old woman said a lot and told everything she knew. "The dignity of the Chu family is inviolable. You should be careful. In case some of the Chus provok Murong Yu's face changed color, and his body was in a flash. He shot out in the distance. "That red flame is the result of your careful study." What would they think if the shogunate or his neighbor knew about it? "Broken! Broken! Broken! Stand up after breaking! So it is!" From the current situation to analyze, the invasion of supercomputer lightning personnel, should be Behind Tang Zheng, Zheng Ying has come up. "Ah... Good. But wait until you finish watching Shihan's program." "All right, take it out. By the way, don't spread the news of wooden tiger's being caught!" If there was no sand snake with three eyes, the treasure in the sand pit would have been taken away Mufeng four people's facial expression is some ugly, the breath which the blood colored stone pi Hyenas still said coldly: "if you walk more slowly, the enemy will surround you before you arrive at The man in front of him just wanted to say something, but ye Tianchen did not intend to listen to it In addition to "blood drop son" is still ordering "model lady's underwear", finally a few normal As a demigod, sun Zhang could definitely know if he had a heart. Yue Chong waved his hand and said, "I think your guard should find here soon. I should leave now." The nine banners are dignified and dignified,

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